The Quiet Room HHOF Edition: Pavel Bure

Pavel Bure’s knees didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to have a long, successful career. He settled for a short, successful career instead, which both sucks and doesn’t suck (but leans more towards sucking than not sucking).

Holy Crap, Volchenkov.

While he’s adept at stopping pucks with his face, Volchenkov finally proved that he is, indeed, human.

Nobody Told Derek Boogaard No

Derek Boogaard’s father did some digging into the medical care he’d received, and found out just how screwed the NHL’s medical culture really is.

The Sauers

A look at the Sauer brothers (Michael – NYR, Kurt – PHO) and their injuries.

No Injuries? There’s Always Kesler.

When there’s nothing else going on, Vancouver’s Ryan Kesler somehow always has a new injury to write about.

The Inevitable All-Groin Post

As usual I’ve waited forever before updating my Backhand Shelf posts here. And so here we go…

We’ll start off with an all-groin post, something I finally had to stop avoiding. Hockey is very, very groiny.