The Quiet Room Pre-Playoffs Update: Ottawa and Washington


It’s a national capital edition of pre-playoff injury analysis, starring Washington and Ottawa!

The Quiet Room Pre-Playoffs Update: Boston and New Jersey

Email subscribers, are you sick of this yet? Next up are Boston and New Jersey. Shortly after this was published Boston announced they were shutting down Nathan Horton for the year. Wise move.

The Quiet Room Pre-Playoffs Update: Chicago and Vancouver


Carrying on with pre-playoff injuries: Chicago and Vancouver.

The Quiet Room Pre-Playoffs Update: Detroit and Nashville

It’s beard-on-beard violence in the Nashville/Detroit series. Here’s the injuries they were facing starting off the postseason.

Apologies to everyone who follows by email for the deluge of posts today. I am a slack, slack person.

The Quiet Room Pre-Playoffs Update: Penguins and Flyers

Next I took on the Flyers and Penguins, and learned in the comment section that some people have absolutely no sense of humour whatsoever.

The Quiet Room Pre-Playoffs Edition: Rangers and Blues

Prior to the playoffs I took a look at the injuries all the teams were facing. The Rangers and Blues were my first victims.

The Quiet Room: Khokhlachev’s Kidney Laceration

Did you know you can lacerate your kidney? Well, you can. But you’d rather not.

The Quiet Room: Doug Murray’s broken throat

San Jose’s Douglas Murray broke his Adam’s apple. Holy CRAP.

The Quiet Room: Sudden Cardiac Arrest

I’ve been remiss in cross-posting Backhand Shelf posts here. As such, prepare for a couple of months worth of (now likely factually incorrect) posts.

First up: Why you should learn CPR.

The Quiet Room: Sidney Crosby’s Neck “Abnormality”


Last week the Penguins once again let slip just enough info to be annoying, stating only that Sid Crosby had a neck “abnormality”. Speculation ran wild (and annoyed the crap out of me), so I took a stab at a little speculation of my own.