The Quiet Room’s All-Hurt All-Stars: Forwards


Okay, this is actually my latest post. I finish up my All-Hurt All-Stars with the forwards. I also explain why Crosby, Savard, and Lappy aren’t on the team.

The Quiet Room’s All-Hurt All-Stars: Defencemen


Or defensemen. I couldn’t decide which I liked better. Something I know I like: The fact that despite being injured approximately every five minutes, Sami Salo is still pretty good at that hockey stuff. Check out my latest post at the Backhand Shelf, where I pick an All-Star team of dudes that can’t stay healthy.

The Quiet Room’s All-Hurt All-Stars: Goalies


Shortly after this post went live, it was announced that Rick DiPietro was out for the season for sports hernia repair. NOT MY FAULT.

The Quiet Room: Pancake injuries are a real thing

Dustin Penner of the LA Kings hurt his back eating pancakes. And that’s a real thing.

The Quiet Room Explained


Just in case you wondered what kind of concussion assessment happens in the quiet room.

The Quiet Room: Buffalo is pretty good (at getting injured).

A bonus post wherein I take a look at Buffalo’s injury woes.

The Quiet Room: The Week of Weird Injuries


Hey, look! More stuff on the Backhand Shelf! This week I’m looking at some injury weirdness around the league – Chris Higgins’ infected foot, Marty St. Louis’ broken face, and Patty Wiercioch’s throat-puck.

Aaaaaand Rick DiPietro is hurt. Again. Poor Rick.

The Quiet Room: The Return of David Perron

A bonus post on The Score’s Backhand Shelf, where I take a look at St. Louis’ David Perron – his injury, recovery and return.

The Quiet Room: Want sympathy? Break your jaw!


Here’s my latest from The Score’s Backhand Shelf – A look at Patty Eaves’ truly unpleasant fractured jaw.

The Quiet Room: Visors. Yes, Visors.


My latest rant covers a few of the reasons not wearing a visor is stupid, using Pronger and Parros as examples.