What makes YOU so smart?

I never claimed to be smart. Okay, I actually probably have. Okay, honestly I know for a fact I’ve made that claim. Modesty, however, I probably wouldn’t own up to.

After nearly a decade of schlepping stretchers and scraping mistakes off of interstates as a paramedic, going to medical school seemed like a good idea. I traded my time dealing with the Friday night urban gun and knife club for time in the anatomy lab and the OR. I also decided my 30s was a great time to learn how to play hockey, a direct contradiction to my claims of being at all intelligent.

Now here I am almost a doctor, a completely terrible right winger, and I find myself very interested in the place where medicine and hockey meet. What the hell is a lower body injury, anyway? Why does one guy take a hit from behind and come back in the same game, where another is gone for months? Where do all those teeth go?

Injuries during play, hockey health policies and equipment issues are always at the forefront of discussion by the media and its fans. If you’ve been looking for a blog that discusses all of these topics and more, you’ve come to the right place.  Stick around, there’s plenty more to come.

– Jo

About Jo Innes
Who am I? I'm a paramedic turned ER doc with truly sub-par rec league hockey skills. And I have absolutely no problem sharing my opinion with you. You're welcome.

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